Announcement – Guild Rank Revisions

For Raids? Sure.

Announcing Event Commanders

Hey Everybody!

I just wanted to let you know that we have made the following changes to Guild Ranks.

Due to changes to how WvW is handled with the expansion, and with the goal of adding clarity to our ranks, we have removed Mistmeister Rank. Those who were Mistmeisters have been moved to Veteran Status.

New Rank: Event Commander.

Event Commanders will primarily assist with running Guild Missions, though with it comes the power to help decorate the Guild Hall, and assist the Guild Officers in other ways. This is an Opt-In position, and it comes with some requirements:

1. You assist in specific Guild Events, specified at the time of your promotion (I.E. If you want to help with Beginner Fractals, you will be promoted with that as a specific requirement), including being placed on the schedule to run that Guild Event(s). This could include events that do not yet exist, but which you want to see/lead (Exploration, Map Completion, World Events, WvW, PvP, etc).
2. You fully uphold FRST’s guild rules and expectations. You will be there to set an example for the others. Which means you must represent the “Don’t be a dick” and “Play how you’d like” mentalities.
3. You use your power for good, not evil, and for including newer players. You support the whole guild, not just your friends.

We will be adding on Event Commanders on an as-needed basis, but the ideal would be to have a single Event Commander for every scheduled event. Event Commanders will not be responsible for most of the Day to Day operations of the guild, and will not be expected to resolve conflicts between guild members. Those duties remain with Guild Leaders and Guild Officers.

If you are interested in joining us as an Event Commander, please use the linked Reddit Thread to discuss, or message /u/JimmyDabomb.


Welcome to the FRST Gilded Hollow

gw033It took two tries, and almost an hour to get everyone on the same map, but we did it! The Gilded Hollow is now FRST’s to enjoy!


We are currently working on our beginning upgrades. As of this post, we are in dire need of Empty Kegs and Glass Mugs so that we may construct our Tavern. If you have Flax Seed or Coarse Sand, please put those in the Guild Vault for our cooks to make use of.

Silver and I have decided to allow any guildies ranked Member or higher to build decorations in the Guild Hall. Please follow these simple guidelines…

  • Build tastefully (Make it look nice, put things in logical places, find out-of-the-way spots if you want to do something super odd/quirky).
  • Respect each other’s work.

If it proves too difficult to follow these rules, we will restrict it to Veterans and up.

Thanks to all ~100 members who were able to come hang out with us! We’re celebrating tonight because of your hard work and effort. You make FRST the awesome place that it is. Please enjoy the fruits of your labor.

REMINDER – You can always access the Guild Hall for free by pressing “G” and then clicking the Guild Hall button.

That’s all. Have fun!

The FRST Guild Hall Discussion


24-15, The Gilded Hollow Wins!

24-15, The Gilded Hollow Wins!


* * *

IMPORTANT EDIT – Exalted mastery rank 1 and/or Gliding mastery rank 1 may be needed to participate in the upcoming guild hall capture!  Please plan accordingly.

Hey members of FRST!

We are looking into guild halls, and what FRST’s new home will look like. We have decided to perform the capture mission on Saturday 10/24, at our normal Mission Time.

We have two choices (currently) for overall look and feel.

The Gilded Hollow is an underground cave with a custom jungle-theme.

The Lost Precipice features a large open area, lots of cliffs, and plenty of space to glide.

We will hold an open discussion over on Reddit for those interested, but we won’t open the poll until October 24th. Even if you cannot make it to the capture event, please plan on voting that day for the guild hall you are interested in.


Less Important Edit The Guild Treasury can be accessed through the Guild Initiative in Lion’s Arch. Talk to the Notary to access the Treasury and see a list of our current needs. You can and should donate directly through there.

In HoT there will be a way to accept donations directly for the guild (using the Guild Treasury). Until we figure that out, You are welcome to mail any donations to Silver Everlong or Jimmy The Trickster. Donations can be Materials or Gold. We will sell Materials that don’t directly contribute (if we need apples, and we have mithril, we may sell the mithril to buy the apples). Please put “Guild Donation” In your subject line so we don’t get confused. You may also contact any Guild Officer to handle the donation as well. Please note – Trading in Materials is less cost effective than simply spending the gold. If you’re in doubt, send cash.

We will be storing all donations in a secure portion of our Guild Bank to be used exclusively for Guild Hall and related upgrades.

Thanks to those of you who have already contributed!

As of this writing, we have 300g ready. Any further donations will be used for funding upgrades and add-ons. We will be actively soliciting ideas for what you guys want the focus to be on.

That’s it! Please use the Reddit Thread for discussion, and we’ll see you in the game.


Weekly Event Spotlight – Dungeons for Gold


By popular request, FRST has begun hosting a Dungeons for Gold event! This event will take place on Monday nights from 5:30-6:30pm Pacific time. As always, this is an optional event, so if you’d like to learn fast paths through dungeons as a way of earning gold quickly, feel free to join in!  Our guild rule still applies, as always. Here’s a brief rundown of what to expect.

Fun, laid-back quick dungeoning.  This event will last no longer than an hour, with the intent of getting through a set rotation of easy dungeons.  We’ll keep the dungeons in the rotation the same for the first several weeks while members get the hang of each path.  Although the intent of these events is to get through each path quickly, you won’t be asked to run a certain build or set of gear.  We only ask that members come prepared to run each specific path.  (If you don’t know a certain path, join our training group!  See below.)

Initial rotation: CoF 1, SE 1 & 3, AC 3 (plus AC 1 only if time allows).

Training group for members who want extra help.  If you aren’t familiar with the fast path through a particular dungeon, plan to join our training group initially.  The training group will focus more on teaching each specific fight, and may move at a slightly slower pace.  Keep in mind that we will be skipping all cutscenes for this particular event.  Plan to use Mumble (at least to listen, you don’t have to chat unless you want to) if you join the training group, and make sure to have it set up prior to the event start time so you can join us in a timely manner.

A note for members who are brand-new to dungeons. If you can count the number of GW2 dungeons you’ve run on one hand, we’ll ask you to join our Dungeon Master event and/or our Dungeons for Newbies event (instead of the Dungeons for Gold event) for your first few dungeon experiences.  These events are a great way to learn the basics and get your feet wet.  Once you’re comfortable with the general mechanics you’ll need for dungeoning, you’re welcome to join us at the Dungeons for Gold event.  This isn’t to exclude anyone, but to minimize confusion and maximize enjoyment for new members.  Learning is good!

1000 Days of Guild Wars 2 (a celebration)

pngbase6445cab3c08c835d2_zpsvrltow5oDescendants of Honor (an allied guild) has graciously invited us to participate in their 1000 days of Guild Wars celebration.

Here’s the skinny I was sent this morning…

On Saturday the 30th at 4pm Pacific we will be hanging out in Mount Maelstrom celebrating the first 1000 days of GW2 and handing out prizes which anyone attending will be eligible for.


Your guildies are welcome to come along and join us on TS


We are also sharing memories from those days here:  some to be shared on the day.


Hope to see you and your guildies there!


More info can be found at the Descendants of Honor website.

Thanks everybody!



Submitted by JimmyDabomb

Submitted by JimmyDabomb

For some time now, our guild has been meeting regularly over on reddit to share random nuggets from the internet and our lives that may or may not be Guild Wars related. We have pictures of tornadoes, of pets, of guild missions, and vacations.

Like all things FRST related our guild subreddit is opt-in, not opt-out, but still, if you’re a member, we do hope you consider joining us!

(And if you’re not a member, maybe now’s the time to join!)

In other news, we recently expanded our guild activities. Check ’em out!

I’m stepping down as guild leader

Hi everyone,

I’m stepping down as leader of FRST due to some personal reasons, bad luck, fatigue, and accumulated stress.

It was the fatigue and stress that did it mostly, I had some mild physical symptoms so I’ve decided to quit while I’m ahead.

I’m going to take a leave of absence from FRST to recharge my batteries and get out of ‘leader mode’. I will still be online just not repping much if at all.

I do hope after a while I’ll be able to come back, I’ve made a lot of friends in FRST which has been wonderful, and the guild culture is really nice. I’m just not sure when I’ll be back.

Don’t be shy to add me to your friends list, my in game name is Ailse.8190, I’ll always be happy to play with you if you want to do something.

I’ll see you all again in the future, take good care of yourselves and each other.


[FRST] turns two!


Hey friends!

[FRST] turns 2 this month, and with this newfangled expansion right around the corner, I thought it might be nice to deliver a few thoughts.

My first thought is that, as we grow and welcome new members, it might be a good time to encourage EVERYONE to try partying with new players. If you’re experienced, offer to train. If you know something share it. If you’re new, ask questions. Start discussions and make use of our wonderful chat! Say hi to people you don’t know. They won’t bite (and if they do, message me). :-)

Now, my second thought is that it’s time to review some of the goals and expectations of our guild.

First, we are an OPT-IN guild. That means that our expectation is that you are choosing to hang out with us, choosing to join us in our activities, and choosing to represent us.

We are generally known for being a very helpful group of people! Our core philosophy is to play for fun. Keep in mind that other members aren’t required to help out, but many of them do so willingly and frequently. This goes both ways. The less you give and the more you take, the less likely people are to help you. You help yourself by helping others. Give if you want to receive. We believe that everyone has something to offer to the guild!

Second, we have one rule, and we think it’s pretty easy to follow – Don’t Be a Dick. We have lots of examples, and we are in the process of updating our guidelines with new ones, but the general philosophy remains.

Don’t be that guy/girl. Don’t be the guy who demands that people play a certain way, or who can only possibly ever group with one or two others. Don’t be the girl who is known for raging in all caps or passive-aggressive sniping. Don’t be the guy who is manipulative, hostile, demanding, or mean. Don’t be the girl that insists that it’s your way or the high way.

If you are that guy (or that girl), or you do violate our one rule in some other way, we will remove you from our guild. We will do so without hesitation. We may like you, but we’re not ‘in like’ with you. We have our rule and we have our philosophy and it’s not going to change.

Finally, you, our members, are the driving force of our philosophy! It’s up to you to uphold our values. Play together, but respect the play styles that aren’t your own. Chat together, but understand that occasionally people will disagree with you. Like each other, but keep it PG-13 in chat (ick). If you have a conflict, consider that the other person is a real person too, and deserving of respect even in disagreement.

We seek to create an open welcoming environment, and anything we do is in support of that core philosophy. We are passionate about this, and we believe very strongly that it’s why our guild has been so successful over the last two years.

Thanks, and have fun!